Here is what our clients have to say about us

Like in any industry, competency enhancement is critical for the industry we operate in- Aerospace. Abanel worked on capability building for one of our core talent segments- middle and senior managers. Their design was anchored on competencies and we were impressed by the unique approach they had-a blended approach to learning, with a key responsibility of learning resting on the learner. Abanel had a robust approach right from understanding our exact requirement, to designing, developing and also working with our internal team to implement it. The quality of content they curated for the learning sessions and the program design focused on connecting the learning back to the learner's workplace synced well with our requirement. The feedback from the learners and their managers spoke about the changes they were able to experience. It was a meaningful partnership with Abanel for building sustainable competitive advantage at Aequs through people capability enhancement.
Rajeev Kaul, Manging Director- Aerospace and Global CFO, Aequs Private Limited

Thank you for hand holding our 25 young managers group and coaching them individually to discover their latent potential in each of them. The participants are all excited to practise the learnings they had during the 6 month program. The program was successful as it was a customized journey with an excellent blend of individual coaching and high quality curated content for each participant. The areas explored by individuals varied from Executive presence, Assertiveness, Influencing skills, Handling stress / anger, Communicating for impact, Cross function working so on and so forth! During the 6 month program, we could see the positive impact of the program on these participants. The focus of the program, as Abanel coined it as TLBTW ( Taking Learning Back to Work) was appealing and added value to our organisation. Appreciate the efforts taken by the Abanel team to work with each YMP participant’s individual requirement and staying connected to our group throughout the program, demonstrated the commitment towards achieving the desired results.
Paul Isaac, President, Flow Control Business Line, Market Area India
Neles India Private Limited (Part of Valmet).

We worked with Abanel Management Consulting on organization redesign and transformation for our institutions. Abanel, despite having never before worked in the education segment, were easily able to grasp our strategic business needs and effectively work on solutions. They provided guidance, expertise, and a proven methodology, tapping into their vast wealth of experience and knowledge from client engagements across various industries. They demonstrated a high degree of cultural and organizational understanding, allowing for a very collaborative relationship with us. Throughout the engagement, we were impressed with the professionalism and dedication they showed. They delivered within the agreed time frame and kept us well informed of progress through regular, detailed weekly updates. We highly recommend Abanel and hope to work with them again on future projects.
Dr Somasekhar Thummala, PhD, Chairman, Indian Academy Group of Institutions

We were looking for an HR Partner to streamline our HR Department and help us in setting up the full HR System. It has been a thrilling experience to have worked with Abanel and their team. They have not only set up the systems but also organized various workshops and programmes for our employees. They were also able to guide us and hold our hand in setting up the HR Department and also give us various recommendations and solutions to our problems and also our expansion plan. We are convinced that Abanel will continue to provide quality service to us and other clients. We wish all the success for future endeavours.
Yogen Lathia, Chairman, Lathia Rubber Manufacturing Company Private Limited

It was very refreshing to work with Abanel as our HR partner. The entire team functioned as if they were a part of us and they made us feel like they were an integral part of our team. The decisions taken by the team always reflected a deep sense of ownership and in our best interest. They were quite diligent in execution and there was hardly any follow-up required. Have enjoyed working with the Abanel team.
Arvind Pani, Co-founder and CEO, Reverie Language Technologies Private Limited

We have been working with Abanel for about a year on various strategic initiatives. Sanjay from Abanel has been a great partner for our leadership team to introduce various initiatives from a people perspective. Our requirements kept evolving and Abanel has been flexible to accommodate our changing needs. We would highly recommend Abanel to companies who need an outside perspective and a great sounding board.
Seby Kallarakkal, CEO, Nabler (Digital Analytics Company)

We were looking for an HR partner who brings in new and innovative ideas to streamline and transform our HR processes. Abanel helped us with their deep understanding of HR, meaningful insights and broad range of capabilities. We were particularly impressed with their ability to understand the nuances of our industry and our organization, the culture and recommend and implement solutions. They were able to recommend and implement solutions which reflect individual and corporate interests, which ensured acceptance of the solutions. We wish Abanel Management Consulting all success in their future endeavors.
Jacob Joseph, NC John & Sons (Private) Ltd, Integrated floor covering manufacturer with customers in over 35 countries

Abanel, a boutique Human resources services firm, always puts Client needs at the centre and works tirelessly to provide solutions. We enjoyed working together for the attention that we received, the timely services that was provided, with intent and rigour. Thank you Abanel, look forward for more and more interactions and exciting times ahead.
PK Narayanan, CEO, Ganges Advisors

We had engaged M/s Abanel Management Consulting Private Limited for HR- Performance Management Process & Employee Compensation. We are pleased with the service provided by M/s Abanel. The approach was quite professional and the representative was quite knowledgeable about the entire programme. The deliverables met the expectation. We wish M/s Abanel Management Consulting Private Limited success in their future endeavors. We are confident that M/s Abanel will provide quality service to all future project proponents.
Gigo Joseph, Chief Executive Officer, SmartCity (Kochi) Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Promoted by Dubai Holding and the Government of Kerala

Abanel was new to the infrastructure vertical when we engaged them. The range and depth of HR expertise that their consultants bring to the table has allowed our organization to partner with them. Their experience with a variety of work environments, practices, organization culture, complex structures and sensitive situations helps them bring out a very profound client engagement. Within a short period of time, they were able to garner the trust and respect of all the key stakeholders involved, including the Board of Directors. Our experience with Abanel gives us the confidence that when we work with them, it will be a positive experience and we will have high quality deliverable, on time and on budget.
Remeshan P, Chairman & Managing Director, Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society Ltd, (Largest Cooperative Society in Asia)

Abanel had a unique approach to their engagement- that a high-performance organization must harness existing resources- leveraging current systems, exploiting untapped potential and enabling people to excel. Towards this, they focused on streamlining processes and bringing in best-in-class HR practices. Their knowledge and experience in Human Capital Management helped them get a good handle on the issues, which made a big impact on the outcomes. Abanel helped us define a talent agenda to support our core competitive strengths and shape our talent practices- including role clarity, performance management and reward & recognition, to deliver business outcomes. Abanel always looked for our best interests. They are very responsive and excel at customer service. More importantly great people to work with.
Sreeram G, Director- Operations, Origami Creative Concepts Pvt Ltd

We have been associated with Abanel Consulting from the time we started our operations in India. In the start-up phase of our operations, we worked very closely with them while we designed our HR processes and systems. Abanel was able to develop a sound understanding of our business, when they developed their HR solutions for us. We have great confidence in their abilities and are grateful for their help in making us stronger as a company, especially in the area of our most important asset- our people. We are very pleased with the results delivered byAbanel Consulting.
Shilen Sagunan, Managing Director , Arbitron Technology Services India Private Limited

Paragon Group of companies narrowed its selection on Abanel Management Consulting Private Ltd, based on the positive results achieved by them on many successful HR projects in other Family businesses. This was an important factor, ours being a family business and due to many challenging issues as compared to a corporate entity.
The project with Abanel was to set up a Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) based on important leading business performance indicators, that the Paragon group Board felt was important based on its Vision, Mission & Values which will indicate the progress and will measure the progress of the company.
We appreciate Abanel for their professional approach and great team working skills in articulating and being a catalyst along with the Steering Committee members in actively guiding our organization to complete this assignment. We are now tracking the KPIs on a regular basis. Abanel also took active part in getting this activity started along with all stakeholders, than just give us a proposal for us to implement later.
We really look forward to work with Abanel in other challenging HR projects in the near future.
Vijoo Zachariah, Director & Member of the Board of Directors, Paragon Polymer Products Pvt Ltd

Athani Hospital was looking for a strategic HR partner, when we decided to set up a Greenfield hospital. It was very important for us to have a partner who could understand our industry and work towards integrating our Values into every system designed for the Human Resources function. Abanel was associated with us right from articulating our Vision, Mission and Values. They were able to pick up the nuances of a service industry like ours and come up with impactful solutions which were aligned to our service principles. Throughout their association, they worked like a part of our team. We were very happy with their competence in Human Resources as well their professional and committed approach to work.
Dr Sathyanarayanan N, D'Ortho, MS Ortho, DNB, PGDMLS , CEO, Athani Hospital

Working with the Abanel team has been a unique experience for us in Triton. Their approach to the assignment we gave them was refreshing. Their profound understanding of human dynamics coupled with innovative thinking and absolute commitment to the task earned them the trust and respect of our team very quickly. They certainly exceeded expectations and were very generous in giving us their time and efforts throughout the engagement. Overall, they are an excellent choice for any HR related service with a broad spectrum of competencies.
Aditya M Gokarn, Managing Director , Triton Valves Limited

Kivar has enjoyed a rapid growth in the Environmental services and Infrastructure sector. Abanel has been Kivar's HR partner in this phase of growth. Right from setting up our HR systems to being the HR partner for rolling out all HR initiatives, Abanel has worked as a part of the Kivar team. Abanel's keenness to see issues from a client perspective and their thorough understanding of the Kivar business has been key in developing solutions for Kivar.
Sudheesh PV, Chief Executive Officer, Kivar Environ Private Limited

What sets Abanel apart is their customized, practical and true business-partner approach. As we progressed along our partnership, we experienced that Abanel truly works toward the success of their clients. The first thing they did was to get a good understanding of our business, the space we operate in and our competition. Once they had a good understanding of our business, they were able to develop impactful solutions which support our business. One of their unique skills is to bring in new perspectives, for effective solutions. We are happy with the robust HR systems Abanel has built for us, for our future growth. We have experienced them as our in-house HR team and never as an 'HR Consultant'.
Anirban Bhattacharjee , Director, YON Systems India Private Limited

We needed someone to come in and help us, not just as consultant but to work with our employees on the ground. Team Abanel did a tremendous job of meeting our objectives and more. Sanjay and Tresa were thoroughly professional, knew what they did and became a part of our team, within a short period. Their hands-on approach ensured that the new HR policy framework was aligned to our core values and the entire organization understood the same. Our team, including some initial skeptics, enjoyed working with them. We know who to go to if we need help with our HR matters. I wish Abanel all the very best.
Krishna Kalyan, COO, Richcore Lifesciences Private Limited